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My name’s Haley your chief guide and dog mom! On behalf of our Captain Olive, and the entire crew, thank you for choosing Olive The Travelier to be your guide!
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What To Wear When Flying With A Dog

Simplifying some of the pre-flight stressors can make a huge difference, especially with what you wear to the airport (consider TSA-Pre if you travel often).

  • Slip On Shoes- Wearing these will have you sailing through security. Make sure they’re comfortable enough to walk long distances, or if you are in a hurry for a flight. You want to be able to take them off and put them right back on with the least amount of effort required.

  • Zip Up Jacket (or easily removable jacket)- Same kind of concept as the slip-on shoes. When you have a jacket that can be removed easily, it will make it easier to focus on getting through security as efficiently as possible.

  • Avoid Belts- Belts are the most tedious part of security. They don’t come off easily and they take time to put back on. If your pants fall down the moment you take off your belt, maybe consider wearing different pants to the airport. If a belt is must for you, take off your belt before you get to the conveyer belt. Put it in your bag, or your dog’s carrier (they will have to come out).

  • Avoid Wearing Lots of Layers & Accessories- Less is always more. Wearing a little jewelry is fine, but if you have hair accessories, chunky jewelry, a hat, etc… consider packing them or taking them off before.


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