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My name’s Haley your chief guide and dog mom! On behalf of our Captain Olive, and the entire crew, thank you for choosing Olive The Travelier to be your guide!
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How To Fly With A Dog Stroller

Wanting to bring your dog stroller with you while traveling? Maybe considering getting a dog stroller for your travels? All your questions answered here!

Flying with a dog stroller is so efficient and useful for traveling for many reasons...

  • You're traveling to a destination that involves a lot of walking/exploring, crowded areas, etc...

  • Your dog's physical health can't handle a lot of walking/activity,

  • Your dog gets nervous around other animals/people,

  • You simply want to bring your dog stroller for ease of traveling!

There are so many reasons why dog strollers are a great item to bring when traveling with your pet!

Dog Strollers Are Assistive Devices

Dog strollers are considered assistive devices, and should not be charged extra for checking at the gate.

Get A Cover & Gate Check The Dog Stroller

Gate check covers are not required for flying with a dog stroller, however it does minimize potential damage and make it a lot easier when boarding.

I loved our gate check cover bag I purchased via Amazon. Gate checking will be the easiest way to travel with a dog stroller (*unless you want to check-it at check-in, however you may be $ charged $ if you do that).

Travelier Tip

I kept Olive in her travel carrier, and then placed her carrier in the stroller until boarding. Not only did this make getting around the airport SO EASY, but it also was nice for transporting other items I had with me.

Airport Security With A Dog Stroller

If your dog is in their carrier while in the dog stroller, you will need to take the carrier out of the stroller.

1. Place the carrier on the conveyer belt, and other personal items.

* Note- Be sure you take EVERYTHING out of the stroller, including the compartment below the stroller. Place the items it in a bin on the conveyer belt.

2. The stroller will need to be placed NEXT to the walk through scanning machine. A TSA agent will take the stroller and do a full inspection on it.

3. After TSA inspects the stroller, they will bring it around for you!

Boarding The Plane

When you arrive at your gate, go to the gate agent and ask for a "Gate Check Tag". This will be placed on your stroller cover, and you will have a copy of the tag number (similar to when you check a suitcase).

Once you start boarding, you will drop off the stroller right before entering the plane. An employee will take the stroller from you to place below the plane.

Once you arrive at your destination, don't forget to pick-up the stroller. You will wait in the same area (right outside the plane) to collect your dog stroller.

What Dog Stroller Do You Use To Fly & Travel With Your Dog?

The first dog stroller pictured below is what I have used for Olive. I love this dog stroller as it is great for traveling, lightweight, has cupholders, plenty of ventilation, and is roomy enough for Olive (and her carrier). Other dog strollers pictured below have high reviews and have been evaluated as another great option for dog stroller travel use.


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