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Can I Buy My Dog A Seat On An Airplane?

What airlines allow my dog to have their own seat?


JetBlue- *read disclaimer below*

The Only USA-Airline That Allows You To Buy A Seat For Your Dog To Sit On.

If the total weight of your dog and carrier together, equal or less than 20 lbs (9.07 kg), then JetBlue Airlines has some exciting information for pet travelers!

The option to purchase an extra seat for your dog is available for people traveling with their dog! Passengers are still required to pay the pet fee (per way), in addition to the extra seat. The carrier may be placed on the additional seat during the flight. You may also hold the the carrier on your lap during the flight.

Directly from jetBlue- A maximum of two pets per traveler is allowed, each in their own carrier. In order to bring a second pet, a second seat and pet fee must be paid.

  • Your dog must ALWAYS remain inside the carrier while on board.

  • The ONLY TIME you are allowed to hold the carrier on your lap, is during the flight.

  • Carriers must be placed below the seat in front of you during...

- Taxi

- Take-off

- Landing

Disclaimer: Most jetBlue airline representatives are NOT familiar with this policy. They most likely will deny this being true and say the pet carrier must go on the floor. HOWEVER, it is important to tell them (as long as this policy is active) the jetBlue pet policies on their website states this information (scroll to the bottom).

After I spoke with a representative, they told me the dog has to say on the floor, but once I mentioned their online policy, they told me if it says that on their website, then it's okay!


Alaska Airlines

Passengers who are traveling with two pets (that cannot fit in the same carrier).

*The photo above is demonstrates how Olive is placed under the seat. (Side note: the carrier can go back under the seat a lot further, but it was pulled out for the picture).

Alaska Airlines allow 2 pets per passenger. However, they are not allowed on the seat.

You’ll need to buy the seat adjacent to you, and pay the pet fee/per pet, each way.

Your pet must always remain on the floor, under the seat.


Airlines have many different policies, be sure to always verify with the airline prior to booking any travels! Please remember, this information is subject to change at any moment.

These policies do not apply service animals, for policies regarding flying with a service animal within the United States please visit, DOT Service Animals.

Do you have questions about flying with a dog?

Let me know!


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