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CBD... Does It Work? Should I Give It To My Dog When Traveling?

CBD products are flooding the market as dog parents search for anxiety and pain remedies for their dogs. As the demand for CBD has increased, so has the confusion. Allow me to help clarify!

Traveling can be very unnerving for some dogs, especially if it's their first time. Many airlines advise pet parents to not sedate their dogs as this can lead to further problems for the dog. Thus resulting in pet parents turning to CBD.

What is CBD?

Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian talks about CBD, "CBD is a cannabinoid containing naturally occurring chemicals that act on the brain and body."

CBD has zero psychoactive compounds, meaning it will not make you "high" like the molecule THC does.

"CBD is extracted from cannabis plants and processed as an isolate or as a full-spectrum oil combined with other related cannabinoids. CBD oils made with full-spectrum extracts are thought to have superior therapeutic effects vs. cannabidiol-only oil." - Karen Becker

Can I use CBD treats?

You may notice walking down the aisles of pet stores and see "CBD" on dog treats and food. However, due to lack of quality control and regulation with CBD most CBD products are not being absorbed into your dogs body. It's basically a glorified treat!

For your dog to have better absorption and bioavailability (readily available for the body) of CBD, it is recommended that using tincture forms be used. This allows mucous membranes to absorb the CBD almost immediately, rather than having to break it down and digest it.

CBD is still very new to modern day medicine, so your veterinarian may not likely suggest CBD as a source of treatment for anxiety or pain, unless you bring it up first. Always ask!

What does "high quality" CBD have?

As you do your research on CBD brands, you may come across products that say "full spectrum" on the products. THIS IS GOOD! This will not only help your dog not experience so many side effects, but it also makes the CBD better quality and safer to use.

Always. Always. ALWAYS, verify the CBD has a certificate of analysis. Dr. Katie Woodley, another amazing integrative veterinarian says, "This information is important, because it will tell you...

- How many cannabinoids are present (full spectrum),

- What chemicals are used to extract the beneficial components,

- The residual solvent test (if these chemicals are still present),

- Pesticide test (organic),

- The terpene profile.

You should be able to obtain all this information off the company’s website, and if not, the company should give you this information over a phone call or an email."

Will CBD make my dog sleepy?

The effects of CBD are different for every dog. Some say their dog relaxes more, others say it did nothing. CBD is not intended to sedate your dog, so please talk with your vet if you are experiencing troubles with a hyperactive dog when traveling.

Always monitor your dog when starting a new product, and always consult your vet.

Travelier Note

We use NuLeaf Naturals (use code HALEYOLIVE to save) & SOURCE CBD. It was recommended by Judy Morgan and we have seen a lot of success with it!

We always give Olive CBD the day before we travel, and the day we travel.



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