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Welcome Aboard!
My name’s Haley your chief guide and dog mom! On behalf of our Captain Olive, and the entire crew, thank you for choosing Olive The Travelier to be your guide!
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My Dog Mom vs Dog Dad "Roles"

What my roles as the dog mom are vs. my husbands roles as the dog dad, and how we work together to ensure Olive receives the best possible care.

When it comes to dog parenting, my husband Bryce and I make an amazing team. We help each other in every aspect of our lives.

Our dog parenting roles are less of an "assignment" and more of "I got this part!" However, that doesn't mean we don't switch off helping each other out.

With that being said...

My Husband & I Roles As Dog Parents...

Me (Haley)

My Husband (Bryce)


Plans Olive's week of meals | Feed Evenings

Feed Mornings

Grocery shop for Olive's food & meal toppers

Afternoon potty/walk

Walks in the morning & evenings

Feed Olive raw bones (switch off who holds the bone for her)

Grooming- Bathing, brushing, haircuts, paw pad fur trim, etc...

Preps Olive's bath supplies | Clips & grinds nail

Sometimes we both dry Olive after a bath ( it takes a while with her fur)

All Health & Wellness (doctor appointments, annuals, specialists, vitamins/supplements, health tests, etc...)

Get samples for health tests (💩, saliva, etc...)

Physical therapy (some times we'll both go with her, other times it's one of us)

Manages the pet insurance policies/claims

Brush teeth nightly (switch off)


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